7 Parts Of Beef Suitable For Steak, Which One Is Your Favorite?

Who can resist the delicacy of steak? This food that is processed from seasoned meat and then grilled is really so tempting, isn’t it? Plus the complements such as french fries, vegetable salad and the typical steak spices, you know, which makes you unable to endure hunger.

Do you like to be curious, if you are buying steak, there are sirloin, tenderloin, rib eye, what’s the difference? For you steak fans, you already know.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, let’s take a look at the usual parts of beef to make this steak. So that I don’t choose the wrong choice again when I eat steak. Or make a reference, maybe you want to cook your own steak at home.


1. Sirloin

This sirloin is commonly known as beef has outside or the outer back near the hamstrings. Dirloin meat tastes tougher than tenderloin, and the price is cheaper. However, the taste of sirloin steak is quite unique because it has fat sticking to one side or around the meat which makes it taste more savory.

2. Tenderloin

Tenderloin is also called deep meat. The part of the meat that is taken is the inside behind the cow’s body which is close to the tail. Well, tenderloin has a soft texture after processing it, as the name implies “tender”. Besides being soft, tenderloin has a low fat content when compared to sirloin.

3. Rib Eye

Rib eye or commonly called Fillet Scotch is the part of beef that is located around the ribs or ribs. Rib eye has a lot of fat in the meat which makes the meat tastier and produces a juicy taste.

Not only delicious, rib eye meat is usually cut in large sizes, you know. That is why this type of steak is one of the favorites of steak lovers.

4. T-Bone

T-Bone is obtained from the inner back to the bottom cutting the spine. Now in the middle of the meat there is a T-shaped bone. What makes it unique is that there are two different parts of the flesh between the bones. One side is part of the tenderloin and the other side is striploin meat. The combination of these two different parts makes the meat taste delicious and soft.

5. Flank

Flank is beef that comes from the abdominal muscles. The flesh is long and flat but less tender, when chewed feels a little hard. Now, because the texture is a little hard, it’s better before cooking, beating it first.

6. Round

Round is meat that comes from the hamstrings of the cow. There are several parts, but what is commonly used to cook this steak is the cape. The cape is in the form of a thin sheet with a bit of fat at the edges and the texture is quite tough. Now, to avoid tough meat, pay attention to the cutting process, it’s better in the direction of the meat fibers.

7. Chuck

The part that is taken from the neck to the top of the cow’s thigh has a chewy texture. Besides that, this part has a veined and coarse texture so you also need a long time to let the meat become more tender.

So, aren’t you curious anymore? Have you tried which one?